Michael Hendry hendry.michael at
Fri May 1 10:49:12 EDT 2015

> On 30 Apr 2015, at 22:53, holly <holly3962 at> wrote:
> All you have to do is this to get all the gnucash ICONS CLUTTERING YOUR
> DESKTOP to one place (one folder):
> 1. Right click anywhere on your desktop.
> 2. Scroll down to NEW and then select FOLDER at the top of the list that
> appears.
> 3. A new folder will appear on your desktop and you can immediately type in
> a name for it.
> 4. Next drag each icon into this new folder.

One point to remember - if you’re working on a Mac you can’t double-click on a .gnucash file on the desktop or in Finder to get GnuCash to open it. What happens is that GnuCash is started up, but it opens the file it had open last time you used it.

If you move your .gnucash file to a new location and double-click the file in its new location, GnuCash will look for it in the old location, and report on its failure to find it. At this stage, you should cancel the error message, and use File=>Open to open the file from its new location.

Once you’ve done this, whenever you start GnuCash it will open the last file it had open.


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