Running separate accounts in the same Gnucash program

Michael Hendry hendry.michael at
Fri May 1 19:06:23 EDT 2015

On 1 May 2015, at 22:25, Courtney Perry <coujen963 at> wrote:
> Currently my personal finances and my business finances run in the same file: gcashdata_1.gnucash.1. How may I now separate my personal finances from my business?

I’ve never done this (nor have I had need to do so) - you might be better to wait for advice from someone who’s travelled this particular path.

I think you’d be best to run the accounts as they are until the end of the financial year, and at that point create two entirely new files, one for your personal and one for your business. The starting balances for the new files will be the ending balances for the appropriate accounts in the old files.

> 2. How can I add a new (2nd) business and run it separately from my current personal and business finances?



> My operating system is Windows 8.1 and I am running Gnucash 2.6.6
> And thanks for the explanation on setting up the desktop icon, it worked.
> Courtney
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