Custom Reports

Maf. King maf at
Tue May 5 02:36:21 EDT 2015

On Tue 5 May 15 05:57:06 Jill Terry wrote:
> Not quite sure what you mean, Michael.
> If you mean have two totally separate GnuCash files in totally separate
> folders for each set of accounts, so that each one is opened
> individually. Yes, that is what I have and meant when I said "I have two
> separate accounts (files)".
> However, when I open my personal accounts ALL custom reports that I have
> made in ANY setup are shown.
> Cheers
> On 04/05/2015 18:53, Mike or Penny Novack wrote:
> >> Is there ANY way I can keep them separate?
> > 
> > Yes of course, you can use a separate log in for club vs personal
> > business.
> > 
> > Michael

Hi Jill,

Michael means exactly what he says - use a separate login - ie username.

The custom reports are stored per-user, in some different file than your data 
files.  This means that the only way to have different custom reports in the 
custom reports list is to have different user profiles. Thus it follows that 
not all reports in the list will make useful output, if run against the 
"wrong" datafile.

An alternative to the 2-login approach is to be cunning with your naming - if 
you need a similar name, then call it personal-myReport, for example. All the 
reports will be visible for both datafiles, but it should be fairly clear 
which one you need to run!


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