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Alice Lee alee212007 at satx.rr.com
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I haven't had to deal with this problem in Gnucash.  I can tell you how it
works in a typical accounting program.  You should not be able to delete
accounts that have history.  What you can do is to make an entry
transferring all the balances to the account with the name you wish to use.
Then go into each of the old accounts that you do not wish to use and edit
the name of each one, putting the word "unused" at the beginning of the name
and you will know not to select it again.  When you close the books at the
end of your year you can probably delete the accounts because the history
will be gone, assuming that you are referring to expense accounts.

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I'm trying to setup books for my business and personal.

Imports have created multiple accounts with simular names and I've
reconciled with them. I now want to edit the TX accounts to use one single
correct name.

Do I just have to start all over and reconstruct everything? Can I
completely unreconcile an account to restart reconciliation?


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