Chase Sapphire Preferred...anyone have success?

Steve butterandsalt at
Wed May 6 08:25:06 EDT 2015

I've long been successful in downloading transactions from Schwab, etc., eg
using Gnucash's application (I use it on a daily basis).  Would like to be
able to download periodically, transactions from my Chase Sapphire Preferred
credit card into my Gnucash Chase account, also using the application (eg
NOT manually importing data).  I have glanced at the documentation that
references Chase and suggestions for setup for online download, but wondered
before I spend my time and energies, is anyone here actually been successful
in downloading transactions from a Chase credit card using the Gnucash
online download application?

If so, any current tips, experiences would be gladly appreciated (and it'll
get you on my Christmas list!)...


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