Can't Open on MAC

John Ralls jralls at
Wed May 6 20:47:50 EDT 2015

> On May 6, 2015, at 9:12 AM, Paul Carini <paulcarini at> wrote:
> Oh Boy!  All that effort to overcome a real dumb move.  Happy to say it is up and, I think, running.  Minding your advice, I went to "help" to read the tutorial.  But I hit another wall.  Got the following alert:
> "GnuCash could not find the files for the help documentation. This is likely because the 'gnucash-docs' package is not installed."
> I promise I will not bug you with questions, but if you could get me past this hurdle, I will rely on the "help" menu from now on!
> Thanks so much again.  Look forward to venturing into the program.


Congratulations, you found your first bug!

They are in the application bundle, so you can use the links below:
file:///Applications/ Guide/index.html 
file:///Applications/ Help/index.html

I’ll have to investigate why the menu item isn’t finding them. You can get the docs from, where you can read online or download them in a variety of formats. 

John Ralls

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