Split Transactions

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at mtdata.com
Wed May 6 14:10:31 EDT 2015

I think at this point, I will just enter them as single entries

Don't give up (entirely).

It can be difficult for us to see exactly what you are doing wrong. By 
all means as a temporary measure enter as single entries*. But also, 
let's try to figure this out. What I suggest is that you create a set of 
test books (different name). These books can be VERY simple, just a few 
accounts. Then at your leisure, try to enter split transactions until 
hopefully you will figure out OH, THAT is how I was supposed to do it. 
There has to be something fairly simple you are doing wrong because 
split transactions do work in gnucash. Even ones split on both sides 
(but don't even think of trying one of those until you get one way 
splits down pat).

Michael D Novack

* If these transactions that you want to split are bank deposits, you 
can avoid the "clutter" of entering them singly by creating an account 
(type asset, current) with a name like "undeposited cash". Enter the 
individual parts of the deposit here (as they come in) and then when you 
finally get to the bank to make a deposit, a single transaction 
transferring between the two (asset) accounts.

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