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Gregory Forster fgreg74 at
Sun May 10 06:41:57 EDT 2015

Hi Jake,

     I use Truecrypt.  You can either encrypt all of, or a portion of 
your hard dive, or USB hard drive.  You create a "container" of any size 
you want, within the limits of the available storage. Whatever you want 
encrypted goes in that container.  I have two containers in a 
subdirectory  called "Files", one for business and one for personal.  
For the personal, I not only have my GNUcash files,  I have 
subdirectories housing all my medical files and other very private 
personal data.  For business,  I not only have GNUcash  files, I also 
have tax records, payroll spreadsheets and more in separate folders for 
each year.


On 5/9/2015 8:12 AM, jake togiveout wrote:
> So I'm making the switch from quicken to this. Had looked at
> and they look nice but I don't like somebody else
> having my data.
> Can I encrypt the files which store this information? What about switching
> types of DB files later from local to mysql?
> Also regarding the online items, I was having some trouble setting up bank
> import. Does that work?
> What about stock price updates? Is there a screen for reports to update all
> of my investments?
> Sorry they are very basic questions, I had some trouble following
>, the
> backups were encrypted.
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