Firrst time user of gnucash needing help

Richard Borley richardborley at
Wed May 13 11:21:16 EDT 2015

Having downloaded thegnucash program from 15625, I then bought the suggested manual, Gnucash 2.4 Small Business Accounting, although it is for an earlier version, as the gnucash help files do not seem very helpful for the computer ignorant.
Having followed the early steps in the manual to test the program (pages14....)  I find I cannot get the initial test of a Banking entry for $2000 to show up in the way the screen shot on pages 16 and 17 indicates. It seems best to get this apparently simple entry solved before proceeding to anything more complicated.
What am I doing wrong and can anyone help?Thanks for any help you can provide.RegardsRichard Borley

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