Firrst time user of gnucash needing help

Richard Borley richardborley at
Wed May 13 14:07:16 EDT 2015

Thank you for your emails.I tried both the gnucash website and the snipca site, both produced the same program version 2.6.6. The program appears to download OK so I guess it is a button pushing problem.I shall look at the document site you suggested.Thanks for your help and advice.Richard 
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2) You can use the basic GnuCash documentation for free from (click on documentation and then Tutorial and Concepts Guide). If you ask a question referring to that, anyone on this list is more likely to be able to follow along with your questions. Although I am sure the book is very good, many folks on this list may not own it, so it's hard to know where your difficulty understanding it may lie. 

As I just mentioned in a separate thread, the links to the HTML (web) version of the documentation happen to be broken temporarily, but if you scroll further down the page, you can download the pdf, epub, or mobi versions of the documentation. 
Sorry for the confusion.


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