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Mon, 11 May 2015 11:51:12 <5550CFF0.8000004 at gmx.com>  Dustin Henning 
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>Also, do some testing before you settle in thinking it is working.  I 
>posted this to the list in January 2012 and don't recall getting a 
>    I am on Windows using GnuCash 2.4.9 and was previously using 
>GnuCash 2.4.7.  I was unable to run r21886 and not extremely affected 
>by the clipboard bug, so I am running stable (r21846).
>    I am tracking a virtual currency and having trouble with rounding. 
>I chose currency XXX which shows fraction traded as 1/1000000 in the 
>edit currency screen.  I also have the smallest fraction in the edit 
>account screen set to 1/1000000.  When I look at the ledger, it shows 
>six zeroes following the decimal point.  However, when I am entering a 
>transaction (especially split one), it sometimes rounds at hundredths 
>(leaving an imbalance even though the split doesn't show one).  More 
>importantly, it always rounds off the sixth decimal place when I save 
>and reload the file.  I went through and manually adjusted all of the 
>transactions back to 6 decimal places after the upgrade and verified 
>that was all lost after saving and reloading.  I also verified that 
>currency USD is 1/100 which implies that the software should work with 
>6 decimal places in currency XXX.  Ideally I would use 8 decimal 
>places, but that is clearly not an option in the software.  Am I 
>missing another setting somewhere in the software?
>Hopefully I was doing something wrong or the issue I was experiencing 
>with odd-case rounding to hundredths in spite of the 1/1000000 setting 
>has been resolved by an update since then.  I stopped trying to track 
>virtual currency in GnuCash sometime after that, so I couldn't tell you 
>how well it does or doesn't work now.

The detail is in the previous answer(s).

I use the plural because this is systemic and if you want a real 
solution right now ... you know where to go OR you can ameliorate the 
number of decimals and play at being grown up.

In practice it is unlikely you have any real amount to transfer between 
the extremes. If I *really* had to do it I'd use an intermediary 
currency, you may have noticed gnc provides them for free.


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