Finding File to reopen Gnucash

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon May 18 04:20:56 EDT 2015

On 18 May 2015 at 00:25, Richard Barmann <dick at> wrote:
> When I want to open Gnucash it tells me that it cannot file. I open File
> Manager and go to the Gnucash files and find it. Why does it not open when I
> open Gnucash? I click on the file and the drop down gives me open with
> Gnucash. I do that and have my the latest file

In the popup that says it cannot find the file it should tell you the
full path to the file it is trying to open.  What exactly does it say

If, rather than using the file manager, you use File > Open in GnC and
browse to the file, then close GnC and restart it does it make any


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