What is the fix for ibus exit

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Wed May 20 06:45:21 EDT 2015

On Tue, 19 May 2015 22:11:50 -0400
Richard Barmann <dick at stripingthetown.com> wrote:

>  I do not have the knowhow to set up the bash script that you
> suggest. I turned 83 a week ago and do the best I can with lots of
> help from the forums. Dick

Not a concern at all.
I learned this all with the help of copy and paste.

1. Make new file to start Gnucash
2. Make file able to run (executable)
3. Run file.

Open a terminal.
Find this somewhere in your menu system.
Copy and paste the following into the terminal, then press enter

nano gnucash_start

Inside the terminal now copy and paste the following

# This script stops ibus and starts Gnucash, on the last used file.
ibus exit && gnucash

It needs to end with an enter/return and a blank line or two.
Press Ctrl-O to save and then Ctrl-X to exit.

You are back in the original terminal window.
Copy and paste the following, then press Enter

chmod +x gnucash_start

Now to run your file, copy and paste the following, and press enter  


Mine now has an error, because I don't have ibus installed, so I can't
complete the testing process.

Next time you want to run Gnucash, open a terminal, use the up arrow
until ./gnucash_start appears, press enter.

This could be integrated into your menu system, but that is much more


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