Gnu Cash v.2.6.5 Difficulties with Cash Flow report not picking up correct expenditure amounts already inputted correctly in the accounts

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Fri May 22 21:32:35 EDT 2015

Tue, 19 May 2015 17:41:31 
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Miles Baker <mcfbaker at>

>Hi Maf

>Thanks for your tips i agree that if you look at the actual intentions 
>the transactions rather than trying to figure how to best record them 
>makes life easier.

>I think that Case 2 is more appropriate.

>To help others if there is a lag between when a cost is paid for and
incurred in various currencies in all of my reports (P&L, Balance Sheet 
Cash flow) for the currency tab "price source" I have switched all of 
from "nearest in time" to "weighted average" and this creates consistent
numbers throughout and gets rid of any large unrealized gains and losses 
the balance sheet (which were in my case all due to the timings of the
currency rates).

Me again

wrt top level transactions in differing currencies you need to know that 
gnc has a base currency.

it is 1, it can, if you let your mind free, be one of anything (gnc 
allows XXX, value of a porn video or a mint sweet, it doesn't care) but 
it is usually one of a currency USD, GBP, EUR, etc.  ergo gnc has a 
reporting base. everything is valued in terms of something.

So, people who invested TRL might want to see a balance sheet in their 
terms but cash flow in terms of the gnc cash flow report?  probably not.

The point in time is very useful once you get to use it well.  Think 
about a balance sheet dated one day before an investment was made and 
one day later. Use different price bases.  Tell us or someone else which 
one was right or wrong factually :)  Answer is: it depends.  Have fun! 
All accounting should be like this.


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