Mutual fund reinvestment option

Divakar R. divakar07 at
Sat May 23 03:43:56 EDT 2015

Could someone advise what is wrong with the following transaction:

Income 600 from a mutual fund reinvested in the same fund at NAV of
32.7940 resulting in a balance increase of 18.296 units was recorded in
GnuCash (ver 2.6.1 on Ubuntu 14.04) as a split transaction as follows:

Assets:Investments:Mutual Fund:Fund_A: Shares 18.296, Price 32.7940, Tot
Buy 600
Income:Mutual Fund:Fund_A: Tot Sell 600

This results in the following errors:
1. The balance in Fund_A against the transaction is shown blank, the
18.296 units are not added to existing balance.
2. In the home screen, all future minimum and total values for the fund
are blank
3. Totals on home screen against the parent Mutual Fund account is also
shown blank.

Is there something I have missed? It seems simple enough to me - income
600 reinvested should raise balance by 18.296.


*Dr. Divakar R.*
_Anupuram, TN 603127, INDIA._

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