Mutual fund reinvestment option

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It shouldn’t make any difference to GnuCash, it just illustrates what 
Alice is talking about that there are two separate events, the receipt 
of the dividend and its reinvestment.

I think we know what ought to happen when observed by someone familiar 
with the process.

When I try it in a test account it behaves as expected, so there must be 
something else going on.

Yup and he orta tell us what we should help him with.

  I tried fiddling the currencies, so that the reinvested dividend was in 
a different one from the base currency and it still worked,

you're ahead of the problem reported

  though without trading accounts the double-conversion (from the 
dividend currency to the base and from the base to the fund) isn’t 
visible, the amount of shares comes out right and displays in the 
register and CoA. Divarkar’s headings are correct for a stock/fund 
account in split view, so that’s not the problem either.

Since the transactions involved are clear I think it is back to the OP 
to say at which point his expectation is not being met.


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