Mutual fund reinvestment option

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Sun May 24 15:50:14 EDT 2015

Mon, 25 May 2015 00:02:28 <5562193C.1010003 at>  Divakar R. 
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>Adding intermediate lines as suggested by John Ralls has solved the
>issue I reported in my original post though I do not understand why.

Asking is different, we welcome that, see what I say below

> I
>will report back if I find out more by experimenting.

That is sounding much better.

>There was a
>similar solution suggested on this mailing list for getting income
>correctly reported in the Advanced portfolio report wrt income from shares.

Yeah, but, some of the reports are nation specific, I'm in the UK and 
don't expect some of the US specific reports to work.

There is indeed a "trick" to get the Advanced Portfolio to include some 
transactions that it wouldn't otherwise but are you the sort of person 
that would accept that at face value?

I'd hope not.

If you work it out for yourself and find a report agrees, no probs. What 
you can't expect is a guarantee.  I don't use some of the reports 
because I am not in merka.  It need not be more complicated than that to 
make you use own brain.


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