Posting an Invoice Error

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Sat May 30 03:19:48 EDT 2015

On Friday 29 May 2015 19:35:56 ebmarnp wrote:
> Thank you in advance for helping me with this issue!
> I am trying to post an invoice for the first time and it won't give me
> the option to choose Accounts Receivable. It is grayed out and it's
> forcing me to create a new high level account. What am I doing wrong?
> Thank you for your assistance!
> Liz
Hi Liz,

The most obvious question to ask is of course: do you have an Accounts 
Receivable account ? And if so is it in the same currency as the 
customer ?

Can you also tell us which version of gnucash you are running and on 
which operating system (Windows/OS X/linux flavour) ?



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