Can't get new credit card account to import ***.qfx file

The Geek [Zorin OS 10 64amd] jjkavaky at
Mon Oct 3 14:59:32 EDT 2016


      This is the first time that I have emailed to this group.

      I have been using gnucash for several years now and have run into 
a problem

      I use gnucash to track credit cards and some other things.

      Recently I was notified that one of my credit cards may have been 
compromised so they sent me
      a new credit card.

        I have tracked all of my credit cards by creating an account for 
each one.  I created a new-credit-card
      account just like I have done in the past.  In the past, I 
believe, that when creating a new credit card
      account, one of the items that they asked for was the 
new-credit-card number.  There was no request
      for the new-credit-card number using the current gnucash program.  
I am running Zorin OS 11 64amd
      Linux system got guncash from their 'Software Center'. I am 
running  [GnuCash 2.6.6    This copy was
      built from rev 132c9e3+ on 2015-08-12.]
        I opened the new-credit-card account and tried to import a 
xxx.qfx for the new-credit-card, it was not
      imported into the new-credit-card account but into the 
old-credit-card account.  I looked into the xxx.qfx
      and it contained the new-credit-card number in it.
        No matter what I tried, the import allways gets imported into 
the old-credit-card account.  And I tried at
       least 3 times creating a new credit card account and they all failed.

      So, how do I linked a xxx.qfx file to a new-credit-card account.

      I like gnucash and want to continue using it.

      Thanks for reading this and any help that you may provide.

      Have a good day.

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