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It seems that I got it!
I wrote about the impossibility to enter in GnuCash the symbol of the Russian Ruble - instead of the symbol of the Ruble appeared a question mark. So, in my opinion, the solution is found!
The symbol of the Russian Ruble appears correctly on all tabs of the program if after the symbol of the Ruble to enter a space (or to enter a space before symbol of the Ruble). In this case, the symbol of the Ruble not replaces by a question mark.
I can't to explain this, maybe someone of the developers will be able...

Best Regards!

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Igor Oboymov via gnucash-user wrote on Wednesday, 05 October, 2016 01:45 AM:
> Are there any suggestions for solving this problem?

If you go to Tools > Securities Editor
- Click the box which says "Show National Currencies"
- Scroll down to find the Ruble

Can you see a symbol in the box? (I have the руб symbol). 
Can you use the Edit button at the bottom to change that symbol to something that suits you?

For the record I'm using Linux, so this is likely to be different for me. My default font is a Unicode one called Noto Sans Bold. 

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