Date problem

Keith Stone pebble at
Wed Oct 5 18:56:46 EDT 2016



I live in New Zealand and we had a daylight-saving change on Sunday 25
September when we moved clocks forward an hour. Since then I have had
problems with the date in GnuCash but I cannot find any settings that I can
change to fix it. I am using Windows 10 Pro and GnuCash 2.6.14. 


When I open GnuCash the date displayed at the bottom of the screen is for
the following day e.g. today is Oct 6 but GnuCash shows 07/10/2016. No
matter what date I type on the screen, when I press "Enter" GnuCash adds a
day, so if I want to enter a transaction for today (6/10/2016) I have to
type 5/10/2016 for the date and then when I have finished the transaction
and press "Enter" it will show it as 06/10/2016.


I started using GnuCash in 2013 and have not had this problem before, even
though we have daylight-changes every year. Is there some way I can get
GnuCash to know what day it is?


Keith Stone



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