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Derek Atkins derek at
Thu Oct 6 10:05:17 EDT 2016

Hi Dave,

First, there is rarely a need to CC me as if the email servers
are working then I'll get a copy ;)

Second, I don't run -- that is the ONE service that is run
by Linas and not by me (well, he also runs the DNS domain). 
So CC'ing me doesn't help.

Third, as has already been stated several times on this list (and probably
also the -devel list -- I didn't look to see where it was reported), the
issue appears to be the ISP upstream of Linas' server.  There is probably
very little even he can do until his ISP gets its act back together. 
Hopefully this will get fixed quickly.

Now, the DNSsec issue ---- that is something Linas will need to fix and
I've contacted him about it.


On Wed, October 5, 2016 10:59 pm, Dave H wrote:
> Anyone else having an issue getting to the website - Chrome keeps telling
> me it can't be reached which is very unusual.
> This site can’t be reached
> * <>* took too long to respond.
>    - Search Google for gnucash org
>    <>
> Cheers Dave H.
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