There was an unknown error while retrieving the price quotes

John Ralls jralls at
Fri Oct 7 17:46:27 EDT 2016

> On Oct 7, 2016, at 5:17 PM, mike <gnucash at> wrote:
> Started getting "There was an unknown error while retrieving the price
> quotes" at the start of this month.
> Running Fedora 22 with gnucash 2.6.12
> I know sometimes the websites change their formats etc which can mess
> things up, so I have tried a few different sources, but it makes no
> difference.
> The odd thing is, if I use gnc-fq-dump I get valid data. e.g.
> [mike at blackstock ~]$ gnc-fq-dump yahoo BP.L
> Finance::Quote fields Gnucash uses:
>    symbol: BP.L                 <=== required
>      date: 10/07/2016           <=== required
>  currency: GBP                  <=== required
>      last: 4.8545               <=\       
>       nav:                      <=== one of these
>     price: 4.8545               <=/        
>  timezone:                      <=== optional
> [mike at blackstock ~]$ 
> It seems to affect all my UK quoted stocks, but nothing else. Anyone
> got any ideas what is going on ?

The "unknown error" thing happens when gnc-fq-helper returns results that parse-quotes.scm can't parse into a list. To
troubleshoot further, go through *all* of your securities and disable quote retrieval on all but one of them. Try to get quotes. If it works, turn quote retrieval back on for one more security and try again. Lather, rinse, repeat until it fails, then feed the last one added to gnc-fq-helper like this:
  echo '(yahoo "BP.L")' | gnc-fq-helper
and see what you get back. If everything's working right it should be something like
(("BP.L" (symbol . "BP.L") (gnc:time-no-zone . "2016-10-07 17:10:00") (last . 4.86) (currency . "GBP")))
Since it's failing, it probably won't look like that, and the output will probably be a good clue as to what's going wrong.

John Ralls

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