CTD in price editor?

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> Subject: CTD in price editor?
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> This is new:  I am attempting to add in a price in my price editor at a
> date 9/30/16.  It worked fine a few months ago (I get quarterly
> I add in all the info, and hit apply - the line appears as it should.
then I hit OK
> and the program crashes to the desktop.  This is 3 times in a row. I
> gnucash, and it says it cannot get a lock on the file, open anyway, and
the line
> is gone.  What happened? - Elmar

Hi Elmar,

(For those who are wondering like I did, I guess CTD stands for Crash to

You don't say what version of GnuCash or Operating System you are using but
maybe this is
Bug 766028 - crash on manual addition of price entry in Price Editor
which is fixed in 2.6.13.

Regards, Chris Good
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