Newbie - check formatting

R. Victor Klassen rvklassen at
Mon Oct 10 17:15:27 EDT 2016

Well I have done a custom cheque format, but it was several years ago.  Problem with cheque formatting expertise is very few of us need to use our new-found knowledge more than once and then we can gradually forget it.

And then I was without internet for a couple of weeks…

Anyhow, I’ll help some - but can’t recall everything.

>>> I am reading these docs:
>>> _info.html
>>> Running Windows 7

Can’t help you there, but it doesn’t likely matter.

>>> I want to use an image of my signature to pre-sign my checks. 
>>> I see the
>>> PICTURE check item type - is there a specific file format needed?

Don’t know.  I considered using this for a logo - but we got cheques printed with the logo.   Multiple users have access to GnuCash and the computer on which it runs, so I haven’t considered the signature idea a good one - although I  saw that as a potential use when I read about it.

>>> Can I use more than one PICTURE image (sig file and logo)
>>> What is the unit of measurement used for the coordinates (depends on
>>> printer? Points (as in 72/inch) or other)

I think it’s points.  Trick is that it is a right handed coordinate system.  That is, the y axis increases as you go UP the page, rather than down.

>>> Is there a way to draw a line outside of using a one-bit tall 
>>> image of the
>>> right length.

Not aware of it.

>>> Finally, is there a download site for pre-designed nnnn.chk files?

I began with a file for one of the stock types for reference.

I don’t know that’s been much help..

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