Budgeting/report of current paid expenses for future periods

Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 12:23:09 EDT 2016

Your Welcome Steve,

I forgot to mention, that if you want some sort of report in advance of the period where you’ll be using those pre-paid expenses, for example, to see how much you’ve spent so far prior to taking a trip, then utilize the Jobs feature. You could create a ‘Job' for each trip you are planning, and that will give you additional reporting capability for expenses tied to that job. Caveat, as far as I know, Jobs can have multiple Vendors say for travel, lodging, meals, et cetera, but only belong to one Customer. (if you also have and use Customers) I’m not familiar enough with the budgeting feature yet to know if you can set a Job budget in advance and get any sort of alarm, warning or report on how you are matching up. There was lots of budget discussion here a few months ago and I seem to recall some interest in that aspect. Check the list archives.



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> Adrien, thanks for that reply.  Sounds like that definitely is workable for
> my situation!
> Steve

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