Sort order changes when Invoice is posted

Wm... wm_o_o_o at
Mon Oct 17 13:15:56 EDT 2016

On 07/10/2016 10:55, john_mike wrote:

> Very annoyingly the sort order changes when you post an invoice and I cannot
> find anyway to stop this.
> How do you control the order of the invoice after it has been posted.

If you mean the lines on a printed (or pdf, etc) invoice then I don't
see this as you describe.  Here are some clues that may help

after it has been posted you can't change the order of the lines, you
need to unpost first

to change the order of the lines look under Actions where there is a
Move entry up / down you don't get in a standard account register

Post it again, the order should stick, otherwise tell us version etc as
it may be important


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