Question: How to move transactions between files.

Mike or Penny Novack mpnovack at
Thu Oct 20 16:43:12 EDT 2016

On 10/20/2016 10:40 AM, David Carlson wrote:
> Michael, Silly question: Where would I find an import file containing all
> of the transactions after, say, December 31 2014?
> David C

Misunderstanding? I wasn't saying that gnucash had all the facilities 
necessary to do this. What I described was what would be needed to cater 
to the (fairly) narrow range of book size "too much activity to keep all 
the years in one set of books" (gets too slow) and "not enough to want a 
new set each year". Do you think that there are enough who would want 
this to justify a fairly hefty investment of developer time?

What I suggest to those who are in this category is at the end of the 
next year, close the books and create a new set (from the Balance Sheet 
-- that provides all the opening amounts. I believe that a facility does 
exist to export your COA (with all accounts zero). There's no automated 
"construct the opening transaction from a Balance Sheet" so do that 
manually. Then you are all set for the next several years, however long 
it takes for you to become uncomfortable with the size. When that 
happens, repeat.

Create an opening transaction based on a Balance Sheet might be a good 
first step if the developers did want to automate, because that is what 
those who want a new set of books each year could use too.

Michael D Novack

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