Value of stocks in reports?

prl prl at
Sat Oct 22 21:12:01 EDT 2016

I'm not sure whether this is an accounting question or a Gnucash 
question, but when I look in some assets reports (Asset 
Barchart/Piechart, Balance Sheet, Net Worth Barchart/Piechart), the 
displayed value of the stocks we hold is the Basis, not the Value (as 
given in the Advanced Portfolio report). That isn't what I'd expect. I'd 
expect the current value of the stocks to appear in assets reports, not 
what it cost to buy the shares.

Is that what Gnucash is supposed to report (i.e. is my expectation of 
the report incorrect), or is this a Gnucash error?

Is there some way to get reports like Net Worth to use the current value 
of stocks rather than the basis?


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