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> It is best if you take a few moments to think this through.  Don't let
> anyone rush you.

Hi Folks!​

People who belittle, condescend and otherwise abuse ​others who come to
this list asking for help, hinder the advancement of this software.

Even purveyors of commercial software realize this.  Customer support
agents for these companies are trained to be polite and helpful because the
people that contact them have paid a price for their software and seek
satisfaction.  The general idea is to keep them as satisfied and regularly
purchasing customers.

Similarly, don't we want more people using this software?  People who come
to this email list have paid nothing for their software, and they're
enjoying that.  Why blow that deal by being a jerk when providing help with
this software?  Now the so-called free software comes at a price.  When you
do this, you chase people away.

Kind regards,

Greg Feneis

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