Re: Error Message "No suitable backend was found for file:...."

Derek Atkins derek at
Mon Oct 24 20:44:22 EDT 2016

What file, exactly, are you trying to load. And what version(s) of gnucash are involved?

This error happens, generally, for two reasons.  1) you're opening a bogus data file. For example if you open a .gcm file instead of a .gnucash file... or somehow your data file got overwritten, like if it's stored in your metadata directory.  Or 2) you were running an old version of gnucash with a buggy compression library and it corrupted the datafile.

For #1, open the right file.  For #2 you might need to revert to a backup.


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Subject: Error Message "No suitable backend was found for file:...."
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Closed my GnuCash program yesterday and restarted my Windows 10 PC. Tried
to open my program later and am getting the above error message. Can anyone
help me recover my data?


John W. Mitchell
Lillian Services LLC
(251) 597-9257

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