Minor question about style sheet footer

Howard M. Fried cursorsci at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 18:41:24 EDT 2016

Mac OS 9.5, GnuCash 2.6.14: In the Footer field of my style sheet, I’ve 
have two lines of text, with a carriage return between. However, when I 
display, print, or save as PDF an invoice using this style sheet, the 
two lines appear as one (same behavior with the supplied Footer style 
sheet). Conversely, when I select Print Invoice-->Options, and insert 
the two lines in the Options Footer field, the output is as desired. 
However, Options cannot be saved, so the text must be entered for every 

I opened the stylesheets-2.0 file with a plain text editor (only way I 
could do so) and spotted the two lines separated by “\r” (no quotes), 
which I assume is “return.” For good measure, I added a second return, 
and stylesheets-2.0 then contained “\n\r”. But everything still appeared 
on one line.

It’s not a problem, just wondering why the \r is ignored when printing 
directly, but it’s not ignored when using Options.

Thank you.

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