GnuCash Feature Request: List all commodity prices in the data file sorted by date

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Fri Oct 28 03:03:21 EDT 2016

I would like to see a feature to list all historical prices in the data
file sorted by date  without needing to drill down through the commodity
data, trying to guess which commodities might still have prices from before
the American Revolution.

Of course, the display should include the date (optionally showing day of
the week), commodity, price, source, and most important, a check box to
individually select prices to delete, somewhat similar to the list of
emails in your email in-box.

A nice additional feature might be to show the total number of shares in
the data file of each commodity across all accounts on the dates included
in the historical price data.  That would probably work best as a different

David C

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