not saving changes

Colin Law clanlaw at
Sat Oct 29 15:38:52 EDT 2016

On 29 October 2016 at 18:19, Eric W. Rathhaus <eric at> wrote:

> For some reason the software (I've been running it for several years)
> stopped saving changes.  I tried entering a transaction several times,
> saved the transaction, and then closed the program  When I returned, it
> wasn't in the ledger.  Help?

Are you sure you are re-opening the same file that you save to?  How are
you opening gnucash and what version of GC and which operating system are
you using?
Is it just one specific transaction that it will not (apparently) save or
does nothing save?

> If I have to start anew, is there a way to save my client list and invoices
> at least so that I don't have to reenter all that information?

There will be no need to start again.  Whatever the problem is you will be
able to recover your existing data.  It is still there because you are able
to see it (except the changes) when you restart.


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