changing customer on invoice

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Sun Oct 30 05:38:54 EDT 2016

On Saturday 29 October 2016 10:22:19 Eric W. Rathhaus wrote:
> I have an invoice that a customer asked me to invoice his employee
> directly.  I unposted the invoice and tried using the customer button
> to change to whom the involver is issued.  Even after I filled in the
> new customer number for the employee, the program did not add in the
> appropriate information for that customer.  Do I have to add
> manually?  Is this process even allowed? Is the problem that I need
> to erase the job information first?
That is possible indeed. I haven't tried but I seem to recall job 
information takes precendence over customer information. Have you tried 
erasing the job information ?

Also note that to change the customer you need to go click the "Edit 
Invoice" button rather than the "Edit" button next to the customer name. 
The "Edit" button next to the customer name will open a window to change 
the customer itself (like change its adress or something like that), 
while via the "Edit Invoice" button on the tool bar, you can choose 
which customer the invoice is for.

Hope that helps,


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