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Mon Sep 26 07:09:05 EDT 2016

I own several sole proprietorship businesses, and need to upgrade from
Quicken99 to a real double entry accounting system.  I am trying to see if
GnuCash will meet my needs.  I really detest Intuit's move to a subscription
system, and I have always preferred using open source software when I can.

I understand the account hierarchies and how to set them up for each
company, but I have to tell you folks the documentation does suffer from
apparently being written by the software developers rather than users or
support folks.  I can live with that as long as this mailing list works as a
forum where my questions get answers quickly.  I have the following

1.  It appears the set of books for each company needs to be in a separate
file.  Is this correct, or can I create several account hierarchies in one

2.  I frequently move funds between businesses --- I'll take an owner's draw
from one business to pay personal expenses or pay myself rent for my half of
my duplex (rental business) and then use that money to make a mortgage
payment (also an account transfer).  If I have all the accounts in one file,
can I perform the transfer from one account to another as a single
transaction, or do I have to manually debit one account and credit another? 
(And yes, I did take accounting classes for my business degree).

3.  If I can create several account hierarchies in one file, can I generate
a balance sheet report that shows not only the balance sheet (assets and
liabilities) for each company, but also a total for all companies, or do I
have to manually consolidate the individual company reports?

It would really help save me a lot of time to know the answers to these
questions before I spend a lot of time with trial and error tests.

Thanks for your help.

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