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randix butterandsalt at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 05:51:42 EDT 2018

Ok, I think I'm getting closer... after some more research and exploring...

1. I have the latest Google Pixel Chromebook which does support the Linux

2. With the help of the following recent article (different from what I
posted earlier), it was quite simple to turn the Linux option ON.


3. If you refer to the article, I've now reached the point where it says
"Download and Install an application"

*4. I went to www.gnucash.org and under "Download GnuCash 3.3" it lists
Linux and gives 2 options from which to download, "Source" and "via
distribution". I chose "source" and it downloaded, gnucash-docs-3.3.tar.gz.

4a. [QUESTION] Is that the right file for me to download?

4b. [QUESTION] The final instructions from the article in #5 below are very
clear, but how do I extract/decompress the downloaded file in "4a." above on
my Chromebook, and will it create one file with a "deb" extension?*

5. These are the article instructions for the remaining steps:

/Once the installation file is downloaded, open the File browser.
Click Downloads.
Copy and paste the .deb installation file to the Linux files folder.

Click Linux files
Right click or two finger tap on the trackpad while your pointer hovers over
the file name.
Click Install with Linux (Beta).
The program will install, and when it's done, you can open it from the app
drawer. That's it!/

Thanks for your assistance, again...

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