[GNC] Question about sub accounts

Eric Gwin ejgwin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 10:55:59 EDT 2018


I'm pretty new to to application, and have basically 0 accounting
background. I've setup my books and all is working pretty well, but I am
running into an issue with subaccounts I hope I'm doing something wrong,
but if not I'd also like to know so I can post a suggestion.


I have a checking account I am using as an accumulator for multiple other
purposes (it is a "sinking" fund account I use to "save" for
expected/budgeted non-monthly expenses)

I have set it up like this:
*assets:current assets:sinking checking*

is then has sub accounts to track deposits to and deductions from various

*assets:current assets:sinking checking:AutoMaint*

*assets:current assets:sinking checking:Clothing*
*assets:current assets:sinking checking:HairCare*
*assets:current assets:sinking checking:HomeMaint*
*assets:current assets:sinking checking:KidActivity*

On a bi-monthly basis, I deposit a fixed amount to the "sinking checking"
and a split transaction allocates it to the various sub-accounts.
Then as payments need to be made I use that checking for the payment and
track it using an entry against the sub-account.

This works pretty well as it solves the major problem of maintaining each
sub-accounts spending and balances. However, in order to reconcile the
checking account I need to see all the transactions to each sub account
listed in the register for the "sinking checking" along with the running
balance for the account.

I've been able to limp by so far by specifying every transaction as a split
with no amount to *assets:current assets:sinking checking *
and the actual transaction amount to the sub-account:
*assets:current assets:sinking checking:AutoMaint*   -135.45
*Expenses:Sinking:AutoMaint  *                     135.45
That at least creates an entry in the "singing checking" register and the
"Accounts" tab does show the current balance for "sinking checking", but
there is no running total, nor does the transaction amount show in that
account's register.

Setting "Sinking checking" as a placeholder seems to simply mean GNUCash
won't allow you to view the register or enter a transaction against the

Is there a way to set up an account of this type where the account
maintains the transactions (as it should for reconciliation) and each
sub-account also "inherits" transactions for their type: or the sub
accounts get the transaction entries as I'm doing, but the parent account
register lists (but doesn't total) the sub account transactions?

Thanks for your time.

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