[GNC] Reconciliation Report Additions

Stephen M. Butler kg7je at arrl.net
Sun Dec 8 18:03:55 EST 2019

Chris was working on it early in the summer (or late spring).  Other
items got in the way and I'm not sure where it is at now (I was doing
some testing for him).

On 12/8/19 12:00 PM, Mike stagl wrote:
> I know this has been mentioned more than once in the past...
> Has anyone yet created a custom reconciliation report that adds to the
> report the current account balance?  Perhaps even the current
> reconciled balance and the current available balance?
> My non-profit requires non-executives to audit my monthly
> reconciliations.  At present, all I can do is show that my GnuCash
> "Funds In" and "Funds Out" match the bank statement.  It would be very
> helpful for GnuCash to print the current Reconciled Balance to show
> that my records match the Bank Statement exactly.
> I have tried to delve into building a custom report myself but the
> language and syntax quickly stops me!
> Thanks to all the contributors,
> Mike
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