[GNC] HTML Chart exports are blank on MacOS/Windows browsers

boldstripe michael.nabble at wengam.com
Sun Dec 29 16:27:09 EST 2019

I think the user needs to know:

1. that the HTML Chart is platform specific 
2. that the chart will only display if GnuCash is installed
3. that because of the above, the file is not suitable for 'archival'
storage of the chart and that PDF would be better suited to that purpose.

I found the charts so useful I was about to email them to others who don't
use GnuCash (and on unknown operating systems). I will now archive and send
PDFs instead.

The HTML versions of charts do have some advantages, including at present a
very small file size, so a platform agnostic (and installation agnostic)
version would be good.

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