[GNC] v3.8

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Tue Dec 31 00:00:17 EST 2019

On MacOS 10.15 with GnuCash 3.8:
/Applications/Gnucash.app/Contents/Resources/bin/gnc-fq-dump yahoo_json AMZN
Finance::Quote fields Gnucash uses:
    symbol: AMZN                 <=== required
      date: 12/30/2019           <=== recommended
  currency: USD                  <=== required
      last: 1846.89              <=\
       nav:                      <=== one of these
     price:                      <=/
  timezone:                      <=== optional

I don't remember offhand what perl shipped on Sierra, but Catalina has only 5.18 and the latest is 5.30. That's clearly not required.

There's a test program, stockdump.pl in the cpan build directory (~/.cpan/Finance-Quote-1.47-YeicSt/Examples/stockdump.pl on my system):

~/.cpan/build/Finance-Quote-1.47-YeicSt/Examples/stockdump.pl yahoo_json AMZN
$VAR1 = {
          'AMZNvolume' => 3591419,
          'AMZNlast' => '1846.89',
          'AMZNmethod' => 'yahoo_json',
          'AMZNdate' => '12/30/2019',
          'AMZNcurrency' => 'USD',
          'AMZNname' => 'AMZN (Amazon.com, Inc.)',
          'AMZNsymbol' => 'AMZN',
          'AMZNsuccess' => 1,
          'AMZNisodate' => '2019-12-30',
          'AMZNexchange' => 'Sourced from Yahoo Finance (as JSON)',
          'AMZNtype' => 'EQUITY'

That might be helpful for troubleshooting.

John Ralls

> On Dec 30, 2019, at 8:01 PM, farleykj via gnucash-user <gnucash-user at gnucash.org> wrote:
> Thanks, David.
> I just used the quote downloading in the 2.6 version I was running
> previously, on 2019-12-27 (Friday). After the update to 3.8 today, it no
> longer works.
> Running gnc-fq-dump yahoo_json amzn gets me nothing. Not even the date. I
> ran the gnc-fq-update module to try and get things working, but to no avail.
> That makes me think it's my Perl installation or something of the sort,
> since I don't hear any others screaming about it.
> I looked back through the old posts about this, but it always seemed to be 
> an alphavantage difficulty, or some such. I have been using "Yahoo as JSON"
> for as long as that has been around, with no problems.
> Maybe I'll need to install the latest Perl or something like that. How
> tedious.
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> Ken Farley
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