[GNC] Gnucash 3.8 Get Transactions not working

chris graves mohavebaked at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 17:00:00 EST 2019

Online Actions->Get Transactions not working
Gnucash 3.8
MacOS Catalina

The Get Online Transactions dialog does not pop up.  Works fine in 3.7.

Here is the trace file:
* 13:53:46 ERROR <gwenhywfar> plugin.c:  401: Plugin "dir" not found.
* 13:53:46 ERROR <aqbanking> ./banking_cfg.c:   78: Could not create ConfigMgr[dir:///Users/chris/.aqbanking/settings6]. Maybe the gwenhywfar plugins are not installed?
* 13:53:46 ERROR <aqbanking> ./banking_init.c:  405: No config manager. Maybe the gwenhywfar plugins are not installed correctly?
* 13:53:46 ERROR <gnc.import.aqbanking> gnc_AB_BANKING_new: assertion 'AB_Banking_Init(api) == 0' failed
* 13:53:46  WARN <gnc.import.aqbanking> gnc_ab_gettrans: Couldn't get AqBanking API

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