Michael or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at comcast.net
Thu Jun 3 14:14:31 EDT 2021

> The only problem I have is that it is far too easy (IMO, IME!) to
> accidentally create or use Orphan-* and Imbalance-* accounts just by
> hitting the tab key one time too many. I'd prefer to be able to set an
> option to disable that and to force me to balance the transaction
> before leaving it.

You mean by (on the fly) creating an account with a name like 
"Imbalance" (or "Not-yet-assigned") to serve as a placeholder for when 
you don't know where it should go? That anything in there means an issue 
yet to be addressed? Gee, gnucash comes with that built in.

I know if the ONLY books you are keeping under gnucash are informal 
personal books, you might think it easy to just "create an account" on 
the fly. But some of us are keeping more formal books and might need to 
consult with somebody before making that decision. Sometimes it was as 
simple as getting an answer to "what was that item?" in a packet of 
receipts submitted for reimbursements.  Maybe need to get the accountant 
involved, maybe the board of directors, or the owner(s) of a business.

Note that "Imbalance"isn't the only sort of special account used to hold 
amounts until resolved. Many. if not most businesses have a "Suspense" 
account used when a payment comes in without necessary information to 
determine "what for". Then somebody's job to resolve everything in 
suspense. Businesses that do not ordinarily handle cash (and so not 
making daily bank deposits) might have an "undeposited cash" account to 
deal with rare cash situations.

Michael D Novack

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