[GNC] Frustration

flywire flywire0 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 01:57:08 EDT 2021

What you want is very simple, just not in GnuCash which is possibly the only
package without it. The workaround changing accounts is just not worth the

Other software allows a category or class[ification] field on each
transaction. Normally the field is even auto-populated based on say a
payment by a tenant. One field is still not ideal because you might want
multiple classifications on one transaction like bigger accounting packages
offer (location, manager, supplier, owner, enterprise etc). The feature's
been requested fairly frequently for ages:

Best thing you can do is change to different software. I use an old
quickbooks version for my business to get that feature but you miss out on
the open access to the database and potential reporting that brings. Say
rental statements, performance per unit or property manager.

Maybe look at https://kmymoney.org/

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