[GNC] Roundoff issues in amortized payments?

Hong Xu hong at topbug.net
Wed Jun 9 03:20:02 EDT 2021

Say I prepaid some expenses for $100 for 1 year. I can do $100/12=$8.33 
for monthly expenses, but 8.33 * 12 = 99.96 < 100. Instead, I would hope gnucash can schedule transactions that automatically round these to $8.34, $8.33, $8.33, $8.34, $8.33... Is this currently possible?

I was looking into pmt function and hope it can solve my problem, but the 
doc <https://www.gnucash.org/docs/v4/C/gnucash-help/trans-sched-loans.html> currently says pmt doesn't support zero interest loans:

    It does not support zero-interest loans, but one doesn't really need an assistant for that: Just create a scheduled transaction 
for the principal divided by the number of payments that lasts for the number of payments. For example, if one has borrowed $1200 for a year at no 
interest and promised to pay it back in monthly installments, the repayment schedule is $100 monthly for twelve months.



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