[GNC] Transaction ordering on num field

will at theprescotts.com will at theprescotts.com
Thu Jun 10 09:36:52 EDT 2021

For those that care, it is perfectly easy to have numbers sort correctly with an alphanumeric sort, simply include the leading zeros.
If you think your check numbers will never exceed 1000, just number the checks: 0001, 0002,... 0100, 0101, etc.If you expect to write more than 1000, add another leading 0.


On 2021 Jun 10, at 06-10 01:40:24, flywire <flywire0 at gmail.com> wrote:

How can special customisation to sort a GnuCash field be justified when it
makes future transitions even more difficult? This field should be sorted in
a standard way. It's clearly the old *numeric* field for sorting cheques,
and the banks tell us cheques are as good as dead. When it was changed to
alphanumeric the sort order should have changed too, ie 10 before 2.

I note David's comment on current functionality. Significant changes should
occur at major versions.

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