[GNC] Check printing

Bruce Irving idlegion39 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 12:07:26 EDT 2021

I'm getting to the point that I can rarely read my own handwriting.  So I
started playing with printing checks from GC bank reisters.
I am using 'Quicken/QuickBooks (tm) US-Letter 3-part' checks in GC Version
4.4 Flatpak under Peppermint 10 (based on Ubuntu 16?? or 18??)
It works - sometimes.  If I "print" a check, and the printer mis-behaves, I
can't reprint it!  The other day, I needed to write eight checks to
different parties, other than the payee, the checks were the same, I could
only print one of them!  I had to hand write the others.
Is there any way that I can get a check to reprint?  Or, to print multiple
nearly identical checks?

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