[GNC] On a Mac, where are the database configuration details stored?

Peter West pbw at pbw.id.au
Sun Jun 13 20:32:36 EDT 2021

Thanks John.

I was looking for the way the connection is actually set up. At the moment, I have no password requirement for local connections (and no external connections.) If I want to add password validation to postgresql, what happens to my GnuCash connection?

Peter West
pbw at ehealth.id.au
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> On 14 Jun 2021, at 3:11 am, John Ralls <jralls at ceridwen.us> wrote:
>> On Jun 13, 2021, at 4:09 AM, Peter West <pbw at pbw.id.au> wrote:
>> As it says, where can I find the details of the database connection?
> You mean for opening the most recently used book? In ~/Library/Preferences/org.gnucash.GnuCash.plist. You can read the values with e.g.
>  defaults read org.gnucash.Gnucash /org/gnucash/history/file0
> or all of them
>  defaults read org.gnucash.Gnucash | grep history
> Regards,
> John Ralls

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