[GNC] sql query to show all changed transactions during given time interval

Fourhundred Thecat 400thecat at gmx.ch
Wed Jun 16 23:23:46 EDT 2021


I am using gnucash with mysql backend.

I know how to query mysql database, to list for example all transactions
for the last week:

SELECT t.post_date,a.name,t.description,s.value_num FROM splits as
s,transactions as t,accounts as a WHERE s.account_guid = a.guid AND
s.tx_guid = t.guid AND a.account_type = 'EXPENSE' AND t.post_date >=

But I need something different:

Can I list all transactions *entered* or *changed* during the last week?

I mean, if I create a transaction today, regardless whether it is 2
months in the future, can I list all changes that I made to the database
during given interval ?

thank you

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