[GNC] GNU cash keeps adding trading accounts

Public Address public.address at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Jun 24 09:22:23 EDT 2021

Version: 4.5
Build ID: 4.5+(2021-03-27)
Finance::Quote: 1.49
Windows 10

I have been entering stock transactions.  All stocks are successfully set up in the security editor.

However, if (say) I buy AMD shares

1                     Buy 10 shares in Brokerage account:AMD

2                     GNU reduces cash in Brokerage account:USD Cash

3                     GNU then automatically creates TRADING:NASDAQ:AMD

4                     Which is fine

5                     Then buy 20 shares of MSFT in Brokerage account:MSFT

6                     GNU reduces cash in Brokerage account:USD Cash

7                     GNU then automatically creates TRADING:NASDAQ:MSFT as a totally separate tree ie not under TRADING:NASDAQ created in 3

So for every ticker GNU is creating a separate tree.

I get that I can move the MSFT under NASDQ to sit with AMD but why is GNU creating a totally separate tree each time?


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